But first – earlier this week, Rihanna donated $5 million through her foundation to help with COVID-19 relief efforts. And she’s not done giving. Yesterday Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, publicly thanked for her another contribution: 

Rihanna was trending for another reason yesterday though. Last night it was announced that she’d be on a new song with PartyNextDoor dropping at midnight. She hasn’t released her own new music, AS WE ALL KNOW, in years, since her last album, ANTI. The Navy has been waiting. Very impatiently. Every five minutes they’re on her social media channels all like … DROP THE ALBUM. Now they have a song.


I can hear her. But I don’t hear a lot of her. She’s featured. It’s mostly him. But Twitter freaked out anyway. Lots and lots of Rihanna activity for basically five words. Which a lot of people pointed out. 

Here’s my favourite tweet about the, um, brevity of Rihanna’s contribution.

If they’re this hype when she only harmonises on a few words, you can imagine what might happen when she actually does drop something substantial. And by the way, Rolling Stone reports that she only sent over her vocals on Monday which is … the most Rihanna thing in a story that’s SO Rihanna.