By now we all know it, right? Rihanna’s favourite restaurant it Giorgio Baldi and it’s not unusual to see her there multiple times a week, although she hasn’t been there as much since having her baby back in May.  She was there last night though, in head to toe Balenciaga/Adidas – a belted jacket over matching spandex boots which are, by the way, over $3K. 


After a relatively quiet summer, it’s been super busy for Rihanna the last few weeks. There was the Super Bowl announcement, followed by the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever announcement, followed by the Savage x Fenty fashion show. And after all that, she’s clearly still not interested in keeping a low profile. Riri and A$AP Rocky have been seen out together every few days – at restaurants, out for ice cream, heading to parties…and on both coasts. 

She’s one of the few celebrities for whom “let people miss you” does not apply. Rihanna doesn’t disappear for long stretches, she is seen often. But even when she’s seen, it doesn’t feel like it’s too much. Because it’s not like she’s saying much. Sometimes, the more we see her, the more mysterious she is. It’s part of what’s made her so famous, it’s one of the ingredients of the secret sauce to her appeal. 


As for the Super Bowl, and all the expectation surrounding her halftime performance, she confirmed recently that the performance will likely stand alone as a performance. That is, there’s no album coming. Riri told the AP that:

“Super Bowl is one thing. New music is another thing. Do you hear that, fans?”  

If we’re taking her words at face value, the only new music then are the two tracks from the Wakanda Forever soundtrack and that’s it. Not that this should affect the halftime show. It’s only a 12-minute performance. And Rihanna has SO MANY SONGS. Hopefully they’re filming a documentary about how she’s putting this together. But I would be happy just to see the meetings where they’re debating the track list.