It was reported late last week that after three years, Rihanna and Hassan Jameel had broken up. Rihanna spent time with Hassan and his family. She spent time with him in London. She mentioned him in interviews – not extensively but she did acknowledge that she had a “boyfriend” and seemed to be approaching the idea of marriage and children. So it seemed like he *could* be it. Obviously not. At least not right now. 

It’s not like Rihanna isn’t busy. She has her own fashion house now. And a makeup line. And a lingerie line. She’s worth over half a billion dollars, making her the world’s wealthiest female musician. RiRi is an empire. So maybe it was distance and schedules and they grew apart. 

While she hasn’t commented on the reports, there is more intrigue about her love life now – because she was in New York this weekend at the Yams Day charity show and was seen hanging out backstage with A$AP Rocky. She and Rocky have been hanging out a lot recently. He was with her for the British Fashion Awards in December. Goddamn this is a beautiful couple. Seriously. Look at them. 


At least that was the story yesterday. Today though, people are talking about this:

Rihanna and Drake have history. Rihanna and Drake are always going to be a headline. They weren’t speaking for a while and then, back in October, RiRi showed up to Drake’s birthday so, obviously, they’re friendly again. Seeing them standing near each other at a concert, then, isn’t enough evidence to make any sort of conclusion. 

Still. While some people might see Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston as their OTP, for others it’s Rihanna and Drake (not me). I’d like to think that both Jen and Rihanna are, like, boy bye on their exes. If there’s one of them who’s more likely to linger though, I’d say it’s Jen. Not that I know anything about Rihanna’s private business but I can’t see her going back to Drake? I don’t know that I can see her getting with Rocky either. 

Rocky’s last reported girlfriend was Brazilian model Daiane Sodré. The last sighting of them was in the fall. But in the fall was also when he made headlines when he revealed he’s a sex addict. Whatever suits him, it’s his lifestyle, not for me to judge. But do you think Rihanna would be down?