During Rihanna’s “Go Ask Anna” segment for Vogue recently, Anna Wintour asked her if she planned to have a baby soon. Rihanna’s response: “God’s plan”. And our eyebrows went up. (You can watch it here, around the 3:05 mark.)

As we allllllll know, Rihanna and Drake were close and then they weren’t. It’s been about three years since they’ve been together, or whatever it is that you want to call what they had. They were still a thing in the early fall of 2016. By December of 2016, though, if you recall, he was thirsting for Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna was seen holding hands with a man that we learned later was Hassan Jameel. While Drake and JLo fizzled after two weeks, Rihanna and Hassan are approaching their third anniversary – although some people might be hoping that there’s yet another chapter in the Rihanna and Drake story. 

Drake’s birthday is tomorrow. On Monday he threw a party in LA. And Rihanna showed up. 


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Rihanna was there with a couple of girlfriends and according to E! News, Drake seemed happy to see her, they talked for a while, and he ordered McDonald’s for her crew. But it was a just-friendly interaction and they did not go home together. Still, it’s about as much contact as they’ve had in years. Last year, you’ll recall, Rihanna told Vogue that Drake wasn’t in her life… and it wasn’t a problem: 

“We don’t have a friendship now, but we’re not enemies either. It is what it is.”

Drake then did what Drake does: he unfollowed her on Instagram. 

As mentioned in today’s open, Drake was not at the Raptors home opener and ring presentation/banner unveiling in Toronto last night. The Raptors’ ring is the biggest in pro sports history because the North is vast. There are around 650 diamonds in total and 16 rubies repping the players. Drake being Drake, however, he had to have multiples so he ordered up a second one to celebrate. Jason of Beverly Hills made it for him and he told TMZ that

"Drake had me fly to Turks and Caicos for an emergency design meeting."

This is what constitutes an “emergency” in Drake’s life, LOL. 

Here’s Drake in LA leaving Poppy last night. You can’t miss the planets on his fingers. 


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