This is a straight up fashion post – four looks from last night that are really, really good, that could have been contenders, but not as good as Celine Dion’s Outfit of the Week that I posted yesterday and, besides, we’ve retired Zendaya in all consideration for “Best” because it’s Zendaya and any time she wears anything she could easily be the best. 

So we start with Rihanna and Zendaya at the Queen & Slim premiere last night. This is a robe-dress on Rihanna and I love it. Because it’s basically sleepwear on a red carpet. Excellent life decision. And excellent design. The button that holds the piece together is perfectly placed high on the thigh. And the sleeves are cut wide and open enough to show you the champagne coloured lining underneath. Also she has amazing legs. 

Next to Zendaya, also in black, in my favourite dress style – the sack dress, a very, very special one. This might be the sack dress I’ve been dreaming about all my life but didn’t know that I was dreaming it until Z showed me. I love how the deep V opens up her shoulders. I love the pockets. I love that the hem is zig-zagged. And the material. THE MATERIAL. Same material on the dress AND the shoes. This woman. This woman Brings.It.Every.Time.

Over now to Olivia Wilde in white in what I like to call a Keira Knightley dress. Right? How many of these or variations has Keira Knightley worn? It’s really pretty. It’s a lot of lace. It’s strategically placed lace. I’m not mad at any of it. There’s a Victorian nightgown vibe about it that I’m into. By the way, Olivia was at a Hollywood Foreign Press Association event and she’s been out a LOT lately campaigning for Booksmart. Looks like Booksmart is going to get a Best Comedy nomination at the Golden Globes. 

Speaking of campaigning, Charlize Theron was in New York for the 2019 Guggenheim International Gala last night which was clearly sponsored by Dior, of which she is an ambassador. Charlize too, as we’ve seen, has been quite visible as we approach voting deadlines for many of the critics’ boards and industry guilds. She’s wearing a frothy Dior dress and what makes this outfit is the leather moto on top and the reason I’m singling this out is because, yes, even when the event calls for uber-formal, a leather jacket on top of a ball gown is a good idea. 


Celine Dion continues to promote her new album, Courage, in New York and stepped out yesterday in multiple outfits. Surprisingly my favourite is the all-red one, velvet blazer on top of silk pants. Red’s not my favourite colour but these pants are so well cut and she’s somehow managed to make this work despite the wrinkling of the fabric and no one cuts a jacket like Tom Ford.