Robyn Rihanna Fenty is living her best life. After photos surfaced yesterday of RiRi poolside in Spain, multi-tasking like a champ with a glass of champagne in one hand, a smoke in the other, and all while making out with a hot mystery dude, it became very clear that Rihanna is having a better summer ’17 than all of us. She looks SO happy. This couple is SO sexy. I just want Rihanna to be happy and in love and drunk in Spain all the time. I would’ve been content if the identity of RiRi’s handsome new man remained a mystery for a couple of days while we all soaked in the close-ups of his tongue skills (HELLO) but, of course, it only took a few hours of Internet sleuthing before the other Rihanna stans, and The Daily Mail, uncovered that this dude is Saudi heir Hassan Jameel.

Hassan Jameel’s family owns the rights to sell Toyotas or something and he’s the president and vice chairman of one of the family businesses so he’s rich AF. Other sources speculate that the two have been dating on the low for months, possibly as far back as New Year’s Eve. The Sun calls their relationship “the real deal” and cites a suspect source that claims Rihanna is “in love” and “completely smitten.” Whether this is true or not, I will give The Sun credit for Jameel’s ‘Handsome Hassan’ nickname that I will use from now on.

Since the Internet couldn’t let Handsome Hassan and Rihanna stay loved up in peace, we also now know that there may be some Girl Sh-t that goes along with RiRi’s new hookup. Handsome Hassan was rumoured to be dating NAOMI CAMPBELL in July 2016 when they were spotted at a summer festival in London. Rihanna and Naomi used to be friendly. They used to follow each other on social media. In March, they unfollowed each other. Around the same time, Naomi was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and when she was asked about the feud rumours, here’s what she had to say:

SPILL THAT TEA, SIS. As Naomi alluded to, I don’t love pitting black women against each other but all the signs point to these two having a falling out because Handsome Hassan is now using his tongue on Rihanna instead of Naomi. Remember when Rihanna unfollowed JLO after whatever she was doing with Drake? This feels very similar. Speaking of Drake, I laughed out loud at this:

I’m not going to dignify the ignorant hot takes criticizing Rihanna for dating a non-black man. I’m going to go back to picturing what RiRi and Handsome Hassan got up to after they went back to their private villa.

Between the Serena Vanity Fair feature, The Bachelorette, and these Rihanna developments, yesterday was GREAT for my favourite pastime of watching/reading about black girls falling in love. Who’s next?

Attached - Rihanna at LAX the other day.