Last week we were talking about Rita Ora and how she may have thirsted herself into the Taika Waititi crew while spending time in Australia doing The Voice. Check out Rita now – out for lunch with some major names: Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Isla Fisher, Sacha Baron Cohen, and you can see Taika in the background in some of the photos below. Six months ago she was getting dragged for violating quarantine with her birthday party. Now she’s flying on private jets for weekend getaways with a very exclusive circle, hanging out with them for weekend brunch, basically a major upgrade on the fame scale. Now it’s a heatscore and the paps are showing up. She and Taika might not mind that as much as the others. Like Christian Bale and Sacha Baron Cohen aren’t exactly the type who want to be photographed as they’re eating their salads. 


Christian and Russell are in Thor: Love and Thunder. There’s a whole Love and Thunder celebrity party happening in Australia right now while the movie is in production. I’ve not yet seen Natalie Portman rolling with any of the Thor team – I wonder when she’s going to rock up to this jam. Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon weren’t there either but they had their own party situation happening as Chris and Elsa Pataky threw a white party this weekend: 


Remember back in the day, Diddy used to have a white party every year in the Hamptons? For like a decade Diddy’s white party was the major celebrity Fourth of July event. The Undefeated published a great piece about Diddy’s white party tradition last summer and why it was more than just an excuse to flaunt their Rolexes and their Rolls Royces – that this was a statement of defiance. To be honest, I never thought of it that way at all when Diddy’s white parties were still raging; but that’s why we all need different lenses, different perspectives. Diddy’s parties, and where they happened, and who attended, were subversive, a challenge to the status quo, although it could be argued, and writer Roger Reeves goes there too, that the white party could also in a way be an endorsement of certain kind of elitism. It’s a great essay on race, privilege, and class about an event that on its surface just seemed like a stop on the gossip tour. 


As for Chris and Elsa’s white party? Obviously not the same, not even close. Like I don’t think in ten years there will be scholarship about the cultural significance of Chris and Elsa’s bash so my only takeaway is that they seem to be that couple who throw the parties (they’ve had costume parties, New Year’s Eve parties, Halloween too); there’s often one in every friend group. And the key to being good at is wanting to go through the trouble of having people over and making sure they have a good time, without being stressed about who’s having a good time. Chris and Elsa seem like they’re really good at this. Wonder if Rita will get an invite to the next one.