Technically the Avengers Godfather, Robert Downey Jr, is part of Pepperony because he’s Tony Stark and Tony loves Pepper but I really wanted to get both those words in the title so…sorry. I’m a Pepperony person but I’m not sure anyone stans harder for Pepperony than RDJ himself. G and RDJ are close. They showed us how close on Instagram last night. Both Gwyneth and RDJ were on IG live last night. 

As you can see in the photos, as the Godfather of the Avengers, RDJ was on the mic at the premiere. So when he says in that video (after they kiss and she calls him her “fake husband” that she loves “more than anyone”) that “I will have comments about you”, it could mean that, as he reflects back on the last decade of the MCU, which he kicked off, and as he nears the end of his run as Iron Man, G is a big part of those memories. So OF COURSE she’s getting a shout-out from the Godfather. Of course she is. Gwyneth exists to make you crazy, never forget that. 

And it’s been a good run for her lately, as she says here, also on IG live:

This wedding though. Right? It shows up everywhere. As I mentioned last week, I can’t shake my smutty senses about G. It’s a gossip instinct. Like… there’s something ELSE going on with her. Something gossipy but not necessarily scandalous. Do you feel it too? 

By the way, existing under the protection of the Godfather means that Gwyneth doesn’t have to be a student of the MCU the way everyone else does. At one point last night, before the cast members took the stage at the premiere, she asked Chris Pratt who RDJ was talking to. Pratt told her it was Sebastian Stan. G was like… who? At which point Pratt had to explain to her that Sebastian plays Bucky Barnes in the Winter Soldier. Which means G hasn’t seen it. Which means G has probably only seen the Iron Mans. I wouldn’t be surprised if she hasn’t seen Spider-Man: Homecoming… and she was in it. 

As for RDJ, he was the last to arrive last night because he’s the Godfather. And he did his RDJ thing, charming the fans and the media with all that charisma and swagger, and they screamed for him, they chanted his name, and while I was watching this go down on Twitter, I wondered what I would have thought if you’d told me this 11 years ago – that RDJ would be what RDJ is now and that we wouldn’t give a sh-t anymore about Johnny Depp. Who will it be 10 years from now?