They’re calling it Endgame, and most of them are talking like it’s the end of the game in other ways and this is why there’s so much speculation about which Avengers are going to die, like permanently. All of this started with Iron Man. It was off the success of Jon Favreau’s movie, starring Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, that kicked off the MCU momentum. RDJ, then, is kind of their leader, the prom king, and… graduating senior? 

I debated over including this photo in this post because some might consider it a spoiler. But here’s the thing: Marvel has done a great job keeping its own secrets – there have been few if any leaks, everyone’s respecting the social media rule, and if they allowed this to happen, knowing it was a public event… what are they trying to tell us!? Like, obviously, looking at this picture, I’m going to have some questions!


First question: who is this child? 

According to the photo agency, her name is Alexandra Rabe. When I Google Alexandra Rabe and got to her IMDb page, I get that she’s a child actor but her credits do not include Avengers: Endgame, probably because they don’t want you to know who she plays in Endgame. OK but then why is she there?  

And why is RDJ holding her? And why is she wearing red and gold in the arms of RDJ whose costume happens to be red and gold? 

If you’ve seen Infinity War and if you remember the Pepperony conversation, YOU KNOW THE CONVERSATION, you’re probably making the same assumptions I’m making. Why is Marvel allowing me to make these assumptions?! It’s not like this was a secret photo shoot! It was in front of a whole ass audience!

Ummmm…Is this a spoiler? I DON’T KNOW. Because Marvel doesn’t usually spoil things but this, THIS IS RIGHT IN MY EYES. And they directed my eyes to this premiere for me to see so it’s not like anyone could have avoided it?!

By the way, Gwyneth Paltrow was also there in a great black outfit with a neck-bow tied perfectly but I’m annoyed that there are no shots of her and RDJ together. Why are you giving me pictures of RDJ and Mystery Child and none of my beloved Pepperony? G was there with her son Moses and a couple of other kids who are probably his friends. That’s the perk, right? Moses is 13 years so, yeah, the Avengers is a thing he and his crew likely care about a lot. And his mom is in the movie. And they not only get to see it before everyone else, they also get to see it at the premiere. In exchange for a hug on the carpet. That’s the deal you make with your mother. IS PEPPER GOING TO BE A MOTHER!?