Dear Gossips,

There was a headline circulating yesterday about Robert Pattinson being declared the “most beautiful man in the world” because of science. Something something about a formula that determines facial perfection. RP scored over 92%. Here are the other men whose faces made the math: 

Henry Cavill
Bradley Cooper 
Brad Pitt
George Clooney
Hugh Jackman
David Beckham
Idris Elba
Kanye West
Ryan Gosling

So only two out of ten faces belong to people of colour. But no Indigenous, Latinx, or Asian representation. Pretty sure the formula has a blindspot. Otherwise BTS’s Taehyung (aka V) would be on there. And my current C-drama obsession, Song Wei Long. Please. Look at this face!


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How is that not one of the most beautiful faces you have ever seen? Even Sasha approves of this one. 

Speaking of Robert Pattinson though, I missed an update on his love life a couple of weeks ago. And he’s been good with giving us updates about his love life since he and Suki Waterhouse became a thing. They are still a thing – they were together in Paris during fashion week, sat next to each other at a dinner, and agreed to be photographed: 


As always, we appreciate the update. Looking forward to the next one, hopefully, in about two months. Or sooner. 

Yours in gossip,