Robert Pattinson and Mia Goth stood next to each other at the High Life premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival last night so now we can make a story about how they have no f-cks to give about the fact that their exes might be dating because they’re not the ones who need to feel weird about it, OK? Do you think they talk about it at all though? You know when you console a friend whose ex has moved on and you might be like… whatever, s/he’s never going for find someone as awesome as you. 

What do you say to Mia if you’re Robert and the “never going to find someone” is your EX-FIANCEE?! It’s not like you can be like, she’s boring, she’s stupid, she’s not sexy… when you were going to marry her! Another downside of Hollywood Is Too Small. 

As you can see, Robert posed with the baby again. The baby is in the movie. But he’s holding her because it’s been a few days since he’s seen his own babies, he needed to feel closer to them, and tell them and Kristen Stewart, his wife, to just hold on, he’s coming home. Twi-Hards are having a really great week.