Robert Pattinson has been papped a few times recently playing tennis. I wonder if he plays with Rami Malek who also seems to do tennis often when he’s in LA. Robert’s in LA because his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse is working on Daisy Jones & the Six. Also The Batman should be in the final stages of post at this point, so he may want to stay close to Hollywood for a few early promotional work commitments, not to mention meetings for whatever upcoming projects he might sign onto. I’m not really here to talk about his work though. For this particular Pattinson post, I want to talk about Oscar endorsements. 


In the previous article about Bradley Cooper I wondered whether or not he might campaign for Lady Gaga. In Robert Pattinson’s case, imagine if he endorsed Kristen Stewart? 

Kristen Stewart is right now considered one of the big contenders for Best Actress for her performance in Spencer. When I posted about possible endorsements for Kristen last week, I mentioned Jodie Foster which would be a reminder of how long she’s been in the industry, that she’s transitioned from child star to young adult superstar to indie and internationally acclaimed actor. Robert of course is most closely associated with Kristen through Twilight and their relationship. They’ve both been in multiple relationships since then, including an engagement each - his to FKA twigs didn’t work out and she’s just confirmed that she and Dylan Meyer will be married. So their romance is well behind them. And what remains, no doubt, is professional respect. They’ve always greatly admired each other professionally. A variety of endorsements is always a bonus on the Oscar campaign. Jodie’s endorsement represents a veteran demo. RP’s endorsement is another demo entirely. 


And think of how the culture would react to it. Can’t imagine Kristen’s campaign strategist would mind that kind of online buzz. Lady Gaga is her own hype machine and she’s a formidable candidate with how she can generate spectacle and attention. House of Gucci also isn’t out for another two weeks - it’ll be fresh right before the holidays and it’s a movie basically made for social media. Since this is a long award season with the Oscars not happening until March, campaign strategists will be game-planning in stages. Kristen came out of festival season in good position. The film opened last week to solid reviews - including Sarah’s today. It didn’t perform well at the specialty box office though. So they’ll need a boost over the next few months. A premium VOD release could work. And then it’s the intangibles, like, endorsements and other potentially viral opportunities. People would freak the out if RPattz showed up to support KStew. And the truthers! They would be reborn!