Robert Pattinson was photographed in New York City today riding around on a little bike. The pap agency is calling it a foldable bike and that’s new to me because I didn’t know that was a thing but I guess in a place like NYC where space is at such a premium, foldable bikes are probably a big bonus for storage. Not that a movie star like RP would have to worry about space but I guess even for famous people, a full-size bike might be a pain in the ass in an apartment. 


I also appreciate that Rob is wearing wired headphones and not pods – it always amazes me when I see bikers and especially couriers zooming around with pods since you can lose them so easily. I won’t even use my pods when I’m walking unless I have a toque on because they’re always falling out of my ears. My takeaway from this is that Rob must have shallow ear pockets too. 

Rob is in NYC because that’s where he and Suki Waterhouse reportedly live together. They were just photographed walking hand in hand around the city on the weekend. And they were previously shot back in June holding hands while leaving the gym (those photos are attached below). 


It’s now been five years for Rob and Suki. He’s not working right now because of the strike but his next release is highly anticipated because he’s starring in Bong Joon-ho’s follow-up to his Oscar-winning Parasite, Mickey 17. Production on the film wrapped back in December 2022 and it’s scheduled for release in March 2024. Not sure if the work stoppage will affect that but Warner Bros is intending for Mickey 17 to be an “event film” which means they’ll likely be putting significant marketing and promotion behind it. Some people think the strike could go until December or January, and if that’s the case, it should clear the Mickey 17 cast for press but at the same time, nobody knows what the landscape of theatrical releases will be by then. March is generally when the box office starts to pick back up after the winter, heading into the spring and summer season. So there could be even more riding on Mickey 17 if it’s meant to be one of the first case studies of how theatres recover should the strike go until late this year or early next year.