So… the last time Robert Pattinson made headlines it was pretty recent, because production on The Batman had to be halted after someone tested positive for COVID-19. That, reportedly, was Robert Pattinson, although no one official has officially confirmed it’s him. But Warner Bros hasn’t denied that it’s RP either. Vanity Fair was the first to report the news on September 3. In England you’re required to self-isolate for ten days. It’s been ten days. And Robert was seen with Suki Waterhouse yesterday at a park in London, giving us a relationship update: yes, they’re still together and they seem happy together. And I guess he’s no longer ‘rona-positive since they’re kissing.


RP is reportedly now back on set but they’ve supposedly been shooting whatever they can without him. If he’s out at the park and walking around, presumably they’re ready to roll on him. 

It’s now been over two years since Robert and Suki started dating and they’re now apparently living together. Robert’s last serious relationship, with FKA twigs, resulted in an engagement. Rob and Suki are not engaged yet, at least it’s not public knowledge, but he is her Instagram boyfriend. 


Are there people out there who still think he and Kristen Stewart are secretly married and parenting some children? I feel like we don’t hear much from them anymore. Is it because they’ve gone underground or because they’ve finally let the truth in? 

That was me teeing up this tweet. In case you missed it. It’s been over a week and I’m still cracking up. 

SO good, right?