It was exactly a month ago that Robert Pattinson was photographed spending all day at a pub in London and then FaceTiming Suki Waterhouse on his way home. A few days after that, the Daily Mail reported that it was over. Which I didn’t bother writing about because, well, it’s the Daily Mail. 

Robert and Suki were seen together the other night in LA at the Miguel show at the Greek. Photo is attached. They were also both at TIFF last week. Suki was there for Assassination Nation and he was promoting High Life. I never posted the photos of him at the premiere so here they are now. That’s a good outfit he’s wearing. I like the patterned shirt under the pinstriped vest and pants. I don’t like the shine of the vest and pants. His hair, however, is the best it’s looked in a while, lighter from the summer sun and exactly the right length that suits him best. 

We are coming up soon on the tenth anniversary of the first Twilight movie in November. There are anniversary screenings planned and Catherine Hardwicke has been doing commemorative interviews about the movie and the audition process and how she found the perfect Edward Cullen. Remember when Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson became the Internet’s Boyfriend? Ten years later, there is a new Internet Boyfriend. His name is Peter Kavinsky Noah Centineo and he is not a vampire and would not sneak into Lara Jean’s bedroom to watch her sleep and there’s a think-piece here on how our Internet Boyfriend requirements have changed in the last decade from Twilight to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and if you write it, please credit me. 

But back to the point of this post – Robert and Suki are still a thing and they still make sense to me, thank you Sienna Miller.