Robert Pattinson has been home in London all summer with some time off before shooting his next project. As you recall, he was seen there a few weeks ago with Suki Waterhouse, photographed kissing and hugging in Notting Hill. Robert was in Notting Hill a couple of days ago hanging out at the pub with his friends. Suki wasn’t there. We’ll come back to her in a minute. 

According to the photo agency, Robert “spent all day and all night until closing time with his mates”. People do this all time and I always wonder how. Because I can’t drink and sit out in the sun without getting tired. Think about at the beach, right? Beer, pina colada, mojito, more beer… sleepy, right? I can fall asleep anymore but I’m pretty sure it’s not just me. This is a thing: sun + beer + sun = nap. How do people stay awake on the pub patio all day?! 

Anyway, more details from the pap – apparently Rob and his friends didn’t leave until it got dark, at which point he supposedly FaceTimed Suki and was heard talking to her “quite loudly” and “playfully swinging around a street sign while talking to her”. See? That’s what happens when you spend all day to night at the pub, no matter celebrity or civilian! Loud phone talking and everyone knows your business!