Robert Pattinson was one of the MVPs of the TIFF party circuit this weekend. He was among the people everybody wanted to get some face time with, and then did, and appeared to be in really great spirits the whole time…although, when you're schmoozing with Taika Waititi and Chris Evans, who’s not going to be feeling it? Especially if Taika wants to rest his head on your shoulder? And Riz Ahmed is around? Or Shamier Anderson?


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But of course of the things people have been wondering about is a possible reunion with Kristen Stewart. The premiere of his film The Lighthouse played right after her premiere of Seberg at the Ryerson theatre. The scheduling is hilarious from a gossip perspective, but it seems to have been drama-free. And here’s what she said when asked about him becoming Batman. 

Robert was just as light and fun for his interviews, no discomfort or hesitation, nothing awkward, because …everyone has moved on. 

Also maybe he's getting ready for his new role, and a return to the brightest spotlight, by turning up the schmooze and enjoying the festival as much as he can... which from what I hear, includes catching up with old friend Eddie Redmayne, who was in town promoting The Aeronauts. If anybody's a man of the people, it's Eddie Redmayne. He has a great sense of humour, he's affable, and well-connected. So if they did indeed hang out, maybe Eddie's energy and attitude is rubbing off on him. There's a great HFPA Gala clip from 2014, of Eddie and Robert giggling and being nervous together. It's very, very endearing. Eddie's won an Oscar, and knows what it's like to lead his own franchise, with Fantastic Beasts, and inheriting the keys to the J.K. Rowling empire. Now, Robert is about to do the same with the DC universe. 

In the past though, Robert often came across as being very serious or evasive when it came to navigating his Twilight-era (or post-Twilight era) fame, and turned instead to risky artistic choices and stretch his range. With that stretching element in mind, his social game is on point now. At least as far as the photos are concerned, he's having a great time embracing what his life may soon look like as a not-so self-serious Millennial Batman.