Rolling Stone released their list of the 25 Most Stylish Musicians last week and the artists occupying the top two spots were at the Grammys last night, and their looks were a showcase of why they not only made the list but own the list. 


As I mentioned last week, I was paying attention to new Grammy winner Steve Lacy before I really got into his music. I saw him in a crochet set, Jimi Hendrix meets Prince meets Nina Simone but in the now - and then came “Bad Habit” and the whole album, really. Gemini Rights is strong from start to finish. His lyrics are hilarious and provocative and sexy and irreverent. And he’s only 24 which means we’re only just getting started with Steve. That means the fashion too. 

A leather suit and a clutch and the stilettos and he performed in those stilettos like they were sneakers and it was just the right amount of rock and roll and glam rock and street and it’s just so exciting to see him rise. In style.  

As for Doja Cat - her emergence as a fashion super star revealed itself over the last six to nine months or so, with Paris Haute Couture Week as a high point. That’s when she showed up at Schiaparelli in those red beads, painted her body gold, wore eyelashes above her lips….


And it really accelerated, at least to me, when she shaved her head. Like it liberated to push with her looks. To have more fun. That’s what a hair change can do. You can imagine a different style identity and really lean into it. She’s never been more stylish than she is now. And last night, in this latex Versace, with her short hair pushed down, the gown molded to her body, excellent makeup choices…

Doja is serving and serving and serving right now.