It was big news earlier this week when news broke that Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro had ended their engagement. The official word was that it was amicable…but, of course, that’s no longer how our brains work. It’s becoming increasingly impossible for us to believe that when celebrities end their relationship, it isn’t some kind of scandal. And, of course, TikTok has only amplified that tendency with endless speculation and people sleuthing social media activity across other platforms. 


In Rosalía and Rauw’s case, I can understand why everyone’s gone looking for reasons. It wasn’t all that long ago that they announced their engagement – they did in the "Beso" video which dropped in March, in April they still seemed super in love, so the assumption is that there must have been something that happened suddenly, a discovery or a revelation, that resulted in such a dramatic change of heart. How do you go from wanting to marry someone to not wanting to spend the rest of your life with them in that short of a time? 

In real life, I’ve seen it happen…unscandalously. People realise they’re far apart on certain issues, like when to start a family, how they manage finances, where to live, etc. But those reasons are boring. So instead… 

There are rumours that Rauw cheated on Rosalía with model Valeria Duque. The evidence, though, from what I can see, is weak. Then again, since I can’t understand Spanish, maybe I’m missing something on Latin TikTok because of the language and there’s more to go on. But from what I’ve been able to figure out from Google translate at least, so far it amounts to this: 


Valeria is a big fan of Rauw. She was at his concert in Mexico City on May 20 and posted about it on socials. There was also an Instagram account that posted something about Valeria telling a friend of hers called Laura Sánchez that she slept with Rauw but that post has since been deleted. 

But also, Valeria left a comment on one of Rosalía’s posts that was just heart emojis…and some are taking that to be a taunt?! Valeria’s IG is now set to private. 

Rosalía has been quite emotional during some of her performances lately and looking back on that now, fans are reading into the heartbreak. 

Like I said, if that’s all it is, it’s pretty weak. But then Rauw gave it a lot more heat when he posted a denial on IG yesterday. 


And this just in, Rosalía has posted a message which supports Rauw’s position and seemingly shuts down any suggestion that there was any wrongdoing on his part: 

This probably won’t change people’s minds. It’s an interesting thing, this psychology of believing that celebrity relationships only end on betrayal. Because the very famous relationships that did end on betrayal have left such a lasting impression on us that they have come to represent all the breakups that come after.