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Look, we all got here together. We have only ourselves to blame.

We all revolted against the domination of vampire series and cop shows, and watched and watched the copious offerings cable had to bring us, and we ran to each new offering with open arms. This is what we wanted – for the Emmy pool to be so deep with awesomeness that we can’t possibly get all our loves in.

And I would submit that we forget, when we look at the snubs, how great the wins are. Like what kind of amazing time are we living in that we can look at nominated shows like Westworld or Stranger Things or Silicon Valley or Veep and go “aww, man, where are our shows?”

In fact, this year’s nominations are better than ever at actually being there! All the shows we talked about this year – This is Us, Master of None, Atlanta, The Handmaid’s Tale, and of course Big Little Lies – they’re here, and they should be. That’s Emmy voting doing its job. There’s the obligatory Modern Family nomination which I assume nobody bothers to erase from the nomination docket, and there’s also Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which may be good enough to have been nominated, but definitely is not like the others in the sense that it’s not being talked about – and a show that’s talked about seems to be the new bar.

So noms for Atlanta, Master of None, and Black-ish are gratifying because they feel like they’re about what we’re about these days. That our conversations are being noticed. Basically, this year’s Emmy nominations are geared toward making you feel like your tweets haven’t been wasted. They meant something! You’re not just throwing jokes into the void!

But if you believe that, then it means the misses feel a little more painful. Insecure and Girls took up a lot of our time and energy and while I’m not sure either was Emmy-worthy, I still wish we’d seen them here… somewhere. And while it feels churlish to complain, since Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell were nominated, the glory of The Americans is that it’s a glorious series, and the fact that it didn’t get nominated isn’t a surprise, but it does hurt.

What’s most interesting to me is that the acting categories are where the truth is spilled…mostly. Like, nobody is watching How to Get Away With Murder but who could deny Viola Davis the chance to demonstrate that she’s the best actress in an ongoing series? Keri Russell, Robin Wright – who’s going to argue with those? More importantly, the Best Actress category is going to be a real truth-teller, because there’s no debate that Elisabeth Moss should win that award, but whether she wins will depend on whether enough people – by which I mean men – actually vote for her.

Another truth? Sterling K. Brown and Milo Ventimiglia are excellent actors and are compelling performers, but that’s not the same thing as This Is Us being great. Neither of them are going to win, of course (they’re going to lose to Odenkirk or Anthony Hopkins), but their nominations are honest, outside of the show.

However, if I believe that, then I have to accept the random nominations. Zach Galifianakis must be great in Baskets, even if we’ll never see it. If Pamela Adlon can get enough noms in Comedy Actress to stand alongside Allison Janney, then… maybe Mom is better than I give it credit for, even if I wish Sharon Horgan had gotten the nom for Catastrophe instead.

There’s so much to be happy about, like the battle in the Limited Series Actress category. Nicole! Jessica! Susan! Reese! Felicity! Carrie! Or the fact that everyone who affected you in The Handmaid’s Tale is nominated. Samira Wiley, acknowledged! Plus, we are going to get to see Alexis Bledel actually show up at the Emmys. Maybe with Pete Campbell! Judith Light is going to kill it again!

So if I wish there was more time for the writing of Big Little Lies or Catastrophe or somehow, weirdly, thought Broad City might get in here somehow, well… that’s like a churlish parent asking where the other 5% went on your report card. The noms aren’t perfect, but they’re very good, and that, in turn, feels very good.

Attached -  Shemar Moore and Anna Chlumsky announcing the nominations earlier today.

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