Kit Harington and Rose Leslie got engaged in September 2017 after dating for a few years. Before their engagement though, as I mentioned at the time, there were rumours about Kit and what we was up to on location in Montreal. Some people had observed that he was acting pretty single and, since he and Rose had, up to that point, been pretty private about their situation, it was hard to say whether or not he was officially single, as it wasn’t confirmed what their exact status was at the time. 

Their status now, however, is clear. Kit and Rose were married in Scotland this past summer. And now there’s a Russian model who is alleging that he was cheating on Rose with her during the engagement and that they were seeing each other for almost a month. She also posted pictures of a man who closely resembles Kit naked in bed, looking spent. The model, however, does not appear in the photos. ONTD has the tweet and more links to the story. Apparently the model is also saying that they were introduced by Kit’s agent at a gala and that he gifted her with trips and promised to introduce her to Russian directors, that he was always drunk and forgetful, and she didn’t enjoy his company all that much. 

I mean, it’s not a good look for anyone. They both look gross here, Kit and the model, if it’s true. Is it true? Is it him? How will this be handled, especially once the British tabloids get on it? It’s slow the next few days for American Thanksgiving so it’s possible that the story won’t go anywhere in the US and they’ll just ignore it. That’s the best case scenario. The work, here, though is to prepare for the worst case scenario. Many celebrities stick with a “go to” explanation: someone’s hacked my phone, these are private photos that are being misinterpreted, I am the victim here. For his sake, and Rose’s too, that’s the ideal outcome in a sh-tty situation, since as noted, he’s the only one in these shots and the model isn’t seen with him. But that only works if this is it, if these are the only pictures out there. The worry, of course, is that there are more receipts. People don’t usually play their best and strongest cards first.