A Wrinkle In Time opens next week, on March 9th. The premiere was last night in Hollywood. And this is giving me the saps. You’ll recall, Hollywood came out strong for Black Panther earlier this month. Specifically Black Hollywood came out strong for Black Panther earlier this month. Ava DuVernay supported Black Panther throughout. She and Ryan Coogler worked down the hall from each other in post. And last night Ryan Coogler came out strong for Ava. As did Tracee Ellis-Ross and Tessa Thompson and JJ Abrams and Ellen Pompeo. And Angela Bassett! In a midriff baring sequined two-piece, the proper queen mother of the great nation of Wakanda. 

See? The saps. 

The saps because there seems to be a sense of community happening here. Yes, of course, it’s the Disney community. But this Disney community is featuring a couple of black filmmakers that could go 1-2 at the box office in 10 days. Black Panther just brought in $108 million in its second weekend box office. $108 million! In its SECOND WEEKEND. It’s a monster number and it is expected to be #1 again this coming weekend for its third straight. But after that comes A Wrinkle In Time which could unseat Black Panther at the top of the box office. It’s Ava taking over from Ryan. I wonder if that might be history too. The first time a film from a black director is #1 at the box office after another black director held that spot. It’s pretty f-cking warm and fuzzy. Kathleen is probably sobbing by now.