Start your weekend right with Ryan “He’s Just Ken” Gosling in a patterned suit and pink shirt. He’s also still rocking the hot Fall Guy hair that Lainey likes so much. The Gos attended a TAG Heuer party marking the 60th anniversary of their Carrera timepiece. TAG was his first brand partnership, and they’re still going strong eighteen months later. 


This is a great time for Gosling and his brand partners–TAG Heuer will be featured in The Fall Guy–as he will be extremely visible all year, given his role in Barbie, which could be one of the biggest movies of the year. Just the advertising for the movie has everyone hyped up, there’s a Malibu Barbie pop up café coming to Chicago this summer, and people are already planning their outfits for going to see the movie in July. The last time there was a wide-spread movement to dress right for a movie was Black Panther, a legit cultural moment. We are truly in our Barbie Girl Summer.

But first, it’s TAG’s night. The Gos was the biggest star on hand, but the party also drew Patrick Dempsey, Simone Ashley, Jacob Elordi, Madelyn Cline, Alexandra Daddario, Vanessa Bayer, and House of the Dragon’s Milly Alcock. I’m divided on the fashion, though. Other people wore bolder looks, such as Simone Ashley and Milly Alcock, but Alexandra Daddario just looks so put together. You truly cannot go wrong with a classic black dress and a bright red lip, especially if you look like Alexandra Daddario.


For the watch's birthday party, TAG Heuer released a short film/long commercial for the Carrera. It's produced by David Leitch, who is directing The Fall Guy, is directed by Nash Edgerton (brother of Joel), and co-stars Vanessa Bayer. TAG is getting their money's worth.