I know the pandemic made it so that for over a year there were no red carpets but even before COVID it had been a minute since we’d seen Ryan Gosling on one. From what I can see, and I just checked Getty Images, Ryan’s last carpet was late 2018, during the promotional tour for First Man which was his last movie. 


Almost four years later, here he is at the Hollywood premiere of The Gray Man with Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. As we keep hearing, this is Netflix’s most expensive film to date – and the hope is that this movie kicks off a franchise with Ryan’s character, Court Gentry, becoming like a new James Bond. This is the most blockbustery project that Ryan’s committed to in a while. And he’ll go back to back on blockbusters with the Barbie movie in production and scheduled for release next year. 

Barbie seemed to be the theme of his outfit last night as he’s still in Ken mode with the hair and the colour of his pants and jacket. Would we call this mint green? Whatever the shade he’s totally making it work although I would argue that giving good colour with his suits has never been a problem for Ryan. He’s never been a boring black suit dude and for years we’ve seen him in various shades of rust and brown and orange and green and yellow and patterns and stripes. He’s low-key in many ways, staying out of the spotlight when he doesn’t have to be in the spotlight, but it would seem that he enjoys fashion, that if he’s going to be a heatscore, he might as well serve the best look. 


As for Chris Evans – this for me is not his best look. I don’t think the t-shirt or tank, whatever it is, is quite for him, but it would have been a lot better if he’d worn a belt. 

Ana de Armas’s Louis Vuitton dress is amazing (is it official now? is she an LV ambassador because it’s been a lot of LV lately with her) although I can’t say she’s really selling it. This is a special dress, especially with that exquisite skirt, and it should be more of a moment, seeing her in it. I’m not getting that energy here though and it might be that her hair is underwhelming or maybe it’s that she’s just not doing much with the posing? Like imagine Zendaya in this? OK, maybe that’s unfair, because it’s Zendaya. But why choose a dress like this if you’re not going to bring it, you know?