It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes out together. Officially, like at events, they’re never out together. She’s joined him at the Saturday Night Live after-party but red carpets are not their thing - not even when he’s nominated for an Oscar. 

Where their relationship is concerned, then, there is no knowing, no reliable sources. My favourite fact about Ryan and Eva, that I bring up every chance I get, is that when the tabloids tried to rumour that they’d broken up a few years ago, they did nothing to correct the stories - because at the time they were actually expecting their first child, like imminently. Also, Eva was 7 months pregnant with their second daughter before it got out. Maybe that’s why people have given up on making up sh-t about them. No one knows sh-t about them. 

Ryan and Eva went out for dinner this week in LA. They were papped holding hands on their way out. E! News has the photos. So they’re fine. They’ve been fine. He hasn’t been on set for over a year, and there hasn’t been an announcement about what’s next for him, which means he’s been taking time for family. That’s about as much of an update as we’ll get. I appreciate it though. I feel reassured. The only photo that anyone ever uses, this one that we’re featuring with this post, is from 2012 - it is the 7th anniversary of this shot tomorrow, at TIFF, at the premiere of The Place Beyond the Pines. I was there working that carpet and at the party later on. It was real and hot that night. And still now.