One of the surprises back during Disney’s D23 fan convention was that Deadpool 3 was not announced. Of course, there was no promise this—or any other announcement—would happen, no matter how many “scoopers” assert otherwise, but there had been some rumblings just below the official level that things were coming together and the Deadpool 3 announcement felt like it could come at any time, and D23 being a flashy promotional event, that seemed like the place to do it. Well, it didn’t happen then, but it has happened now. Ryan Reynolds announced Deadpool is officially entering the MCU in September 2024, and he’s bringing Hugh Jackman along for the ride.


People are already getting bent about the continuity with Logan, in which Wolverine dies and was meant to be Jackman’s swan song in the role, but who really gives a sh-t? This is fun! Hugh Jackman brings out the best in Ryan Reynolds, they’re fun together, Wolverine and Deadpool will be fun together, let’s all just agree to have fun. Now, onto the important questions.



Do we think this is Ryan Reynolds’ actual house? It might be! The aesthetic seems consistent with what was shown in Reynolds’ episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. Kind of a fancy farmhouse vibe (celebrity real estate watchers should know Reynolds and Lively bought a big spread in Connecticut a while back). The only questions I have for Ryan Reynolds at this stage of Deadpool 3 planning are: 1) where did he get that patterned sofa; 2) what is the color of the wall paint; 3) where did he get the fabric for the bench seats, or, if those are not built-ins, where did he get those floral sofas; and 3) who makes the bathroom tiles? What I’m saying is, Deadpool 3 co-starring Hugh Jackman is fun and exciting but beyond knowing it is officially two years away, there is no other information to be had. In lieu of that, please tell me everything about the interior decorating scheme of this house. AD Open Door with Blake and Ryan when?!

In other Marvel news, director Bassam Tariq left Blade two months before filming was set to begin. That doesn’t seem great.