Yesterday was Ryan Reynolds’s birthday, he’s 47 years old. Birthday walks might be a thing for him. A couple of weeks ago, when it was Hugh Jackman’s birthday, Ryan and Blake Lively were seen out for a walk with Hugh. And on his own birthday, Ryan stepped out for a walk with Shawn Levy who was also with Ryan as part of Taylor Swift’s entourage a couple of weeks ago when they all went to watch Travis Kelce and Kansas City play the Jets. Seems like Ryan and Shawn have been together quite a bit while they’re waiting for the strike to end so they can resume shooting Deadpool 3, which is what they had just started when SAG-AFTRA called for labour action. 


And we have an update on that too – the union and AMPTP will be back at the bargaining table today which of course is a positive development after the producers walked away from negotiations almost two weeks ago and both sides exchanged a new round of accusations. There is now hope that, maybe, they can figure this out in a few weeks so production can resume hopefully by the end of the year? This is maybe unrealistically optimistic considering how far apart they just indicated they are, but we saw it happen with the writers so, maybe, hopefully, they can find a way to get this done. 


That’s obviously what Bradley Cooper is hoping for because we’re getting closer and closer to the release of Maestro. Killers of the Flower Moon just opened to healthy numbers at the box office, setting up its run to the Oscars. And everyone’s looking to Maestro to join the conversation when that film comes out. Bradley hasn’t been able to front the promotion for it the way he would have otherwise so if, somehow, the union and AMPTP can finally come to an agreement, it’ll be an intense push during the last few weeks of the year for BCoop. 

Until then, he’s walking too – seen yesterday out in New York with Laura Dern. That’s not the walk that people were talking about recently though. As you may have seen, BCoop and Gigi were photographed just before the weekend out in the rain, furthering speculation that they’re a thing. And now today Page Six reports that Irina Shayk isn’t happy with it


“Irina is not happy with Bradley for dating another supermodel, but one who is younger,” a source tells Page Six. “It took her by surprise.”

Our source noted that Shayk, 37, seems to have been taking every opportunity to be snapped by the paparazzi — even looking her best when walking their six-year-old daughter to school.

“She’s saying, ‘Look baby, I’m still hot,'” says the source.”

I mean, it’s not that I don’t believe that Irina would feel this way. It’s just that I don’t know who this “source” would be. Would a source close to Irina sell out her insecurity? And would a source close to Bradley f-ck around with his baby mother’s reputation? Coparenting with a jealous ex is no good for anyone, so who’s selling out Irina here? To me it sounds like a source quote from a pap who read that it’s over between Irina and Tom Brady and is leaning on a derivative narrative. 

Also attached, Ryan in New York today with Blake Lively.