Ryan Reynolds is in Seoul this week promoting Deadpool 2. Deadpool 2 is the Next. Avengers: Infinity War should dominate for another two weeks and then Deadpool 2 comes out May 18 which is royal wedding weekend, not that they’ll affect each other, although I’m sure he’ll make a joke about it especially now that promotion is building for the movie. I just clicked on a headline about his costume and the issue with the zipper – was this a thing in the first movie? Apparently. And it’s still a problem, as he said to Entertainment Weekly:  

“It was like a soft system update,” admits Reynolds. “You know, when it’s like your phone gives you an update, but it’s only like [the] font or something. It’s not going to give you some awesome thing. It was kind of that. My shin guards are shinier. I mean f-ck, who cares. Nothing that allowed me to find my penis within 20 minutes when I had to pee. No, nothing like that. God forbid we should just put a normal f-cking zipper in it.”

How does he get into it if there’s no zipper?! Never mind. I don’t actually care all that much. He probably doesn’t really care all that much. Because the zipperlessness of the suit gives him sh-t to say, and that’s half of the character – material for Deadpool to keep cussing about. 

In other Ryan-adjacent news, as Maria mentioned in Smutty Social Media yesterday, Blake Lively scrubbed her Instagram this week. Is this the Big Story that it was supposed to be? I mean people noticed but I don’t think anyone is, like, breathless, you know? Assuming the idea here is that there’s a trailer coming and … this is the buildup for it? OK. But also, Ryan’s Deadpool 2 premiere is coming up soon. And so is the MET Gala. Blake is confirmed to attend. That’s Monday. Is she reappearing for the MET Gala which has nothing to do with her movie? Or before? If it’s before, it’s soon, within the next few days, and if that’s the case… I’m not sure what impact the social media disappearance would have had. Basically there’s a challenge here now where no one was looking for a challenge. Can you build up a “comeback” though when everyone is shrugging? My point is… I don’t think Blake Lively is the kind of celebrity where wiping out her IG is considered a shakeup. Ryan Reynolds quitting Twitter, on the other hand – THAT would be a shakeup.