Here is Prince Andrew, looking despondent while riding his horse through Windsor Park. Look, I’m sorry the guy’s mom just died, in the way I am sorry when anyone’s mom dies. I wish no moms ever died, unless you are Jenette McCurdy, in which case, live your truth, lady. I am posting these photos for two reasons: 1) not gonna lie, sad Prince Andrew sadly riding his sad horse kinda made chuckle, and 2) these are beautiful horses. I especially like the dappled grey. I am partial to greys, I rode a grey Welsh Cob, Casey, for years, until I was finally tall enough for a horse, and not a pony. I remain very fond of greys. So enjoy these pretty horses patiently putting up with that asshole in the saddle. You think they don’t know? They do. Horses are smart. A horse will tell you everything you need to know about a person, if you just pay attention.


Anyway, how long do we think King Charles lets Andrew remain in Royal Lodge, the giant mansion in Windsor Great Park? I know Andrew has a million-year lease or whatever, but let’s not pretend like the king can’t kick his own brother out of a house Charles technically owns. Especially if it’s true Windsor Castle is going to become the Waleses home base (they’ve already moved into a smaller property, Adelaide Cottage, in the park). If Prince William and Princess Kate do move into the castle, I cannot imagine they’re going to want the specter of Andrew hanging around where anyone can see him while the Waleses try to move the monarchy forward from the mess of the last few years. Just picture it, photos of the happy family up at the castle, the future of the monarchy, and sad Andy trotting morosely in the background. I give it a year before he’s moved out.