You know what I missed? I totally f-cking forgot to write about it on April 21: the 25th anniversary of While You Were Sleeping! It came out in 1995 which… I mean if you asked me before, I wouldn’t have thought it was that long ago but here we are, 25 years later. God I love that movie. And it’s kind of the perfect movie for right now, non? Sweet and funny and silly and did that movie make you soft for Bill Pullman? He looked great in that utility jacket, right? Is it bad that Joe Jr still makes me laugh? Or is that somehow offensive? I don’t know anymore, tell me! 


I think that’s what I’ll be doing at some point this week – watching While You Were Sleeping, it’s been a minute. 

Here’s Sandra Bullock this weekend packing some boxes (I think bananas?) into her car outside a friend’s place in LA. All these years later, 25 now, I feel like she’s pretty much the same, just me? This could have been an outfit that Lucy, her character in the movie, would have worn, a striped tee and jeans. 

These jeans though. 

The fit of these jeans. I want these jeans. They look SO comfortable. I like where they sit on her hips. I like the room around the thigh. And I like the taper to the ankle. It’s been seven weeks since I’ve put on a pair of jeans. I’m actually kinda afraid to be in jeans again. How will my skin react to something that isn’t flannel or waffle or whatever sweat pants and pyjamas are made of?