Sandra Bullock was seen in LA on Saturday which also happened to be the one year anniversary of the premiere of Bird Box on Netflix. I didn’t watch Bird Box because I try to avoid scary movies and especially scary movies during the holidays but that, evidently, isn’t a problem for rest of the world because Bird Box was a major hit last year with Netflix announcing that 45 million accounts streamed it in its first week, a record at the time. And, of course, Bird Box also became a meme, as everyone who watched it then talked about watching it on social media. It was an undisputed smash hit – yet another in a career full of smash hits. 

After that, she went back to keeping a low profile. But that’s Sandy, non? More and more that’s Sandy, especially since her kids are still young. She works only every couple of years now and, yes, this is a choice because I’m sure a lot of people would want Sandra Bullock to work more often considering her track record. Sandy obviously doesn’t give a sh-t about what other people want, especially as it relates to how she spends her time. It’s easier said than done. And I wonder if she’s only really mastered it, if you can ever master something like that, in the last decade. 

You know, this coming Oscars will make the tenth anniversary of her Oscar win for Best Actress? Have you watched her acceptance speech back lately? 

I didn’t notice at the time but she was TIRED. Note her reaction when Sean Penn calls her name. It’s relief and also…exhaustion? Award season is tiring. But also, remember, we found out later on that she was a new mom. Louis came home that year in January. The Oscars happened in March. And she told the world about Louis on the cover of PEOPLE six weeks after the Oscars in April. It’s the best example of celebrities maintaining privacy – when they actually want privacy. She was the frontrunner for Best Actress through that entire season. She was a heatscore. And somehow she managed to keep that secret, even as the tabloids were investigating and about to expose her husband as a chronic philanderer. 

It was only later that we put together what she said in her Oscar acceptance speech, dedicating it to the “moms who take care of the babies and the children no matter where they come from”. She has two babies now. And a man in her life who isn’t a scumbag. Also, holy sh-t Bryan Randall is handsome, SO handsome. 

Video is below, starting at the 8:25 mark.