Season three of Killing Eve concluded in May 2020, almost two years ago. The fourth and final season is scheduled to premiere at the end of this month, and Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer were in LA last night to begin promotion. It’s Eve and Villanelle's last dance. I mean, yes, their dance is f-cked up and dangerous and probably not healthy, but it’s still a dance, the dance that’s central to this show, the reason why the show is so compelling – because of the connection between the two, because they can’t help but obsess over each other. 


For Sandra and Jodie personally, it’s probably the right time after four seasons, even though Killing Eve represents a major career shift in both of their careers. Sandra has spoken often about being offered the lead and title character of a series, an experience that up to that point did not happen often for her. For Jodie, playing Villanelle was her breakthrough, it’s undeniable. Villanelle went viral for the way Jodie brought her to life, her irreverence, her style, her strangeness. And now, at just 28 years old, Jodie Comer is known for versatility – she can do action, accents, period pieces, Star Wars, and more. I wonder though if she might be taking a bit of a break after wrapping on Killing Eve. It’s not a bad idea to reset and not rush. There’s time for Jodie, a lot of it. 

So here they are in red and black, promoting their show together for the last time. And after this, Sandra will move onto another press time – for Turning Red, Disney and Pixar’s new animated feature directed by Oscar winner Domee Shi, premiering on March 11. Turning Red is about Mei, a tween girl who is dealing with the experience of, well, being a tween: hormones, parents, friends, boy bands, all and every emotion. Sandra voices the role of Mei’s mother. I can’t wait to see this movie, and to see how Eve and Villanelle end their show.