I interviewed Sandra Oh last month and as soon as it was over, I told anyone who would listen or read my texts that it was the interview of my career. Sandra inspired my best work – not that it’s all about me, but a good interview requires involvement on both sides. My conversation with Sandra has been turned into a half hour special, ETALK PRESENTS: COMING HOME WITH SANDRA OH, airing tonight on CTV at 7pm. It was produced by Joanna, also bringing her best work. Sandra and I talk about the year she’s had, the career she’s had and is having, and the space she’s creating with her success to uplift more artists, more creatives, more women, more Asian Canadians and Americans. And of course we talk about Killing Eve – the season 2 finale is on Sunday on Bravo, BBC America, and AMC. Here’s something I’ve been wanting to share about Killing Eve: its universal specificity as it relates to me, not that it’s all about me, I swear! If you’re able to watch tonight, let me know your thoughts! 


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We have seen in the last few years some hilariously bad bronze statues of celebrities and athletes and other artwork. I will never not laugh when I think about Ronaldo’s bust. Or Tom Brady’s courtroom sketches. Or the “Ecco Homo” restoration. But here’s my question: why do people keep saying yes when the offer comes up? The latest crazy bronze statue victim is George Best. (Dlisted) 

First of all, I love that Leslie Jones wears Whitney Houston to shoot Game of Jones. Second, and we’ve all said this before but it has to be said again, I prefer Leslie with Seth Meyers than Colin Jost, and we ALL miss Seth Meyers on Weekend Update. Third… give Leslie another show to watch, SOON, PLEASE! Big Little Jones…would that work? (Pajiba) 

Lizzo says f-ckboys are all up in her DMs. So basically Jaime Lannister. (TMZ) 
Um, I’m not sure about this hairstyle on Sophie Turner. Who does it remind you of? I’ll give you a second. You ready? You see it? Mischa Barton, right? Totally Mischa Barton! Let that be the only similarity. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Cannes is the film festival for tulle. We’ve already seen a lot of tulle, tulle in every colour imaginable. Tulle in white, in blue, in green, puke green, and now shock pink. This is my least favourite of the Cannes tulles. (Cele|bitchy) 

The Queen went to a grocery store this week where she was given a demo on self-checkout. I love a self-checkout. My one complaint about a self-checkout though, at least at my favourite grocery store, is that they don’t design the bag holders very well. I bring my own reusable bags and they never stay on the bag hooks so then you have to fuss with your bag to get your items in and the machine senses the delay and she keeps f-cking telling me, “please place your items in the bag”. I’m trying to bitch! Why don’t you make it easier for me to hang my bag! Next time this happens I’m going to imagine the Queen watching me. (Vanity Fair)