How fortuitous…and at the same time …not?

Sarah Jessica Parker covers this week’s issue of PEOPLE Magazine. It’s an interview that seems like it would have been scheduled ahead of time. Divorce is on HBO right now. And, as PEOPLE notes, she’s launching a limited-edition children’s collection with the GAP that’s available on March 1. This, then, would have been planned as part of the rollout. Which is why the interview is all about her kids and her marriage and family life. 

SJP, as we know, has eaten some sh-t this week. So I guess it’s fortuitous that she has a MiniVan Majority-friendly publication like PEOPLE helping her to smooth over that situation and the drama with Kim Cattrall. In the online version of the interview that’s been released so far, there’s no mention of Kim Cattrall, only details from SJP’s life designed to attract the MiniVan’s attention. 

This can certainly work as a diversion from the gossip that’s gone down about her this week. Remember, SJP’s the one who’s more likely to be in favour with that demographic. Samantha was the aggressive sexpot who paraded around naked and refused to be shamed for loving sex and having it often. She’s not the one the MiniVan Majority would be inclined to identify with. Kim Cattrall accused her of being a pretend “nice girl”. Who are they going to believe? The woman who struts around with sexual confidence or SJP and her children’s clothing line? 

That said, given that the conversation around SJP over the last week has been specifically related to her ongoing feud with Kim and the suggestion that she’s really just a meangirl who threw a colleague under the bus, the release of this cover story seems a little…weird? If you were the PR team putting this together and lining it up and you saw Kim’s IG post on Saturday lighting SJP on fire, you’d be like, “Oh f-ccccccckkkkkk”, wouldn’t you? Because that’s been the dominant online discussion connected to SJP. Not a children’s clothing line, not her TV show, not her collection of shoes but her very public throwdown with Kim Cattrall. 

But maybe that’s totally on brand for SJP. Yesterday she Instagrammed for the first time since Kim breathed fire at her. You know, just out for dinner, what’s the noise?, I don’t hear any noise.


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Oh and here I am, waiting for the subway, because I’m still regular relatable old me. 


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And today, Valentine’s Day, sending hearts and love – SJP’s heart is open, you see. And a girl whose heart is open could never be a meangirl. 


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