Those are Kim Cattrall’s words, not mine. 

So a quick recap: Kim Cattrall’s brother passed away last week. It’s obviously a terrible time for her and her family. A few days ago she posted a message of appreciation to her Sex And The City colleagues for reaching out. In particular, she even wrote directly to Cynthia Nixon, thanking her for her concern. It’s suggested here that Cynthia called Kim because Kim mentions hearing her voice (click for full text).  

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Sarah Jessica Parker on the other hand…


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Kim in that post links to this NY Post article about their relationship when the show was in production. Supposedly SJP Regina Georged Kim because Samantha Jones became such a popular character. And then, last year, all that sh-t came up again because SJP wanted to do a third SATC movie but the deal ended up falling through and, if you recall, Kim took the heat for it because it was leaked that she, allegedly, was asking for more money and a production deal which I defended at the time because why shouldn’t a woman negotiate for work in her own best interest? Kim denied that she was the one who held up the situation and told Piers Morgan that she never wanted to do the movie (that no one is asking for because the movies suck!) in the first place. 

But SJP’s always had the bigger microphone. And she’s been out there promoting Divorce lately. And she was asked about the situation and offered her condolences to Kim and, well, now this. It’s ugly. It’s raw. Kim is in pain. Some call it lashing out. Lashing out, generally, is seen as unattractive. We’re supposed to endure our grief in silence. It’s classy. It’s elegant. It’s good manners. Sometimes, though, it’s unfair. 

To those who may be criticising Kim for taking this public, it was also made public a few months ago that she, allegedly, was the one who killed the reunion deal. Subtext: she’s difficult to work with. Where do you think that leak came from? The story travels far and wide. Everyone’s all, like, BLAME KIM! I don’t remember SJP stepping up and defending Kim. What do you think the ramifications are for a woman in the entertainment industry, f-ck any industry, who gets a reputation for being “difficult”, especially a woman who is now in her 60s, working in a business that’s unkind to aging women? That’s the kind of stink that stays with you, that can turn a potential meeting about an upcoming role into a cancellation and the next thing you know, your agent has to pass on the message that “they’ve decided to go in another direction”. 

So, even if it was true that Kim was negotiating for more and “demanding” what she believed she was worth, what does it say about the people who let her take sh-t for it, especially in the time of Time’s Up? And if that were you, and you were villainised for asking for what you deserve, and it jeopardised your career, and then those same people start trying to be kind to you in public when your family is going through a tragedy, would you be able to not lash out?