This is where Carrie Bradshaw/Sarah Jessica Parker, my ma, and I intersect. I would 100% wear this outfit. But not in these colours. My ma would wear these colours, but not this outfit. SJP plays mahjong. This is a perfect mahjong outfit. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Elon Musk has set a new record. Not really a record to be proud of – but then again, obscenely wealthy people find new ways to surprise us. Because in order to be able to set this record, I guess there’s a flex in having that much money to start with? That’s probably how he would brag about it. Like, I have to so much money that I set a record for how much I lost. And I’m STILL a billionaire. Is that even a flex at the Annual General Meeting of the Evil Billionaire Club? (Dlisted) 

TK Maxx tried to fact-check Prince Harry and his book because there’s a reference to the store sales in it and now everyone is fact-checking their fact-check. To me this is stupidly executed thirst. If you’re cravenly trying to jump in on an opportunity, it would have been so much easier – and cheekier – to just be like, “our winter sale starts next week!” (Cele|bitchy) 

Anna Kendrick’s performance in Alice, Darling is incredibly raw and powerful and she has talked about channeling a personal experience with abuse. During interviews to promote the film, Anna hasn’t named the ex who abused her… but the clues are all there. (Pajiba) 

I f-cking love In-N-Out. A few years ago we were in Vegas, Jacek had never tried it before so we went and he had to go back the next day and the day after. So when they say that In-N-Out is coming east… does that include Canada? (Eater)