Here are some photos of Sarah Paulson and Timothee Chalamet. She’s in LA, seen here leaving the hair salon and he’s in Boston, heading to work on Don’t Look Up. And they appear to be wearing similar masks. Or at least that’s how I’m segueing into what I want to talk about which is mask-wearing. To me, their masks look like KN95s. Not sure if you heard this week but more and more medical professionals, including the CDC now, recommend double-masking. Like a surgical mask underneath, covered by a cloth mask on top. Some people think the most ideal combination is the KN95 to go first, and then whatever cute fancy cloth mask on top. 


I was big on the cute patterned masks that came in all ranges of designs during the early part of the pandemic. Then, after a while, when I did need to go somewhere – I really only go to the butcher – I just went with the standard blue surgical option. After that, with all the talk of the new variants coming around, I upgraded, first to the KN95 with a blue surgical on top and now… 

Well, before I get to the now, let me just talk about mask fit. I have a weird small head. Jacek calls me “turtle head”. It’s a head that’s too small for my body. Most masks slip off my face, and the blue surgicals are generally too big for my face so the top is either poking at my eyelids or sliding down past my nose. The KN95s definitely fit better but there’s still a gap around the nose and under the eyes because in addition to having a small head, I’m Asian, and my features are flatter. 


So for me, I now mask with a KF94 instead of the KN95. In my non-professional, totally unqualified opinion that is based solely on personal experience, the KF94 masks fit my face better. These were recommended to me by someone who is also Asian, with Asian features. And the amount of movement on my face with the KF94s is significantly reduced. The Cut had a piece comparing the KN95s and the KF94s recently if you’re interested in more information and you have the same mask slippage situation that I do. The bigger point though is that you should consider double-masking and making sure when you do mask that you’re masking properly. 

You know who’s a double-masker? Amanda Gorman!

National youth poet laureate Amanda Gorman arrives at the inauguration of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2021 in Washington, DC