I have a mustache.
No, not “upper lip hair”, “peach fuzz”, or a “lady tickler”. Nope, nothing cute like that. Just a good ol’ stache. And thanks to my Yugoslavian mother, she has no shame in her game; if she notices even one single follicle coming out from my face I hear “you need to take care of your mustache.” Which is typically said over FaceTime when I’m in some public place for everyone to hear.

So trust me when I tell you I’ve done it all – lasered, sugared, depilatory creamed, waxed, and threaded. And look, they are all great methods, but after decades of it, I’m kind of over spending cash money every two weeks to deal with it. So I started reading up on face shavers and there was only one person I turned to for intel: Duana. Du is not afraid to embrace her, as she’s coined, “hair belt” roots, so when I asked her about shaving my face, she quickly sent me a link and within the hour I had picked up my first pack of razors. Here they are


WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY haven’t I always had these!!! They are absolute game changers. And sure, it’s kind of daunting holding a blade up against your face, but once you get the hang of it, it ain’t no thang. If you’re looking for a tutorial I used this chick as a guide. And yes, your eyes are seeing correctly, she is a former Bachelor contestant.


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