I had to go makeup-less for health reasons a few years back, 4 years to be precise. And while I want to say the beauty emancipation was glorious and liberating, I have to admit, it was hard having to wash, rinse and repeat the same looking face day in and day out for so goddamn long. And yeah, yeah, I have learned a lot about self-acceptance, but good god, I really missed mascara.

So now that my body is finally ready for some lash love, I’ve been on a mission to find the best, healthy mascara out there. Sadly, it has been far from easy. I went to all my usual go-to natural brands and they all disappointed on some level, but after one last ditch effort I reached out to Beautycounter because word on the street was that they had a new formulation. And…..


…..Folks, we have a winner!

Holy sh-t, this mascara is fantastic. And it’s not because I’ve been so out of the mascara loop that I don’t know what’s good anymore. A) I didn’t wait this long to f-cking settle and b) I know my sh-t. And seriously, this tube of wonder lengthens, volumizes, separates and best of all its smudge proof. To fully test that out, I researched by taking bunch of dirt naps over the weekend with full mascara on, and when I woke up there was zero fallout and zip, zero, zilch raccoon eyes.

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