Over the course of this pandemic, I have bought so many a stupid item to the point where I don’t even know what my style is anymore. However, amidst all the wrongs, I have made a few really good rights and one of those rights has been my purchases from Jamie Gentry Designs. I stumbled upon Jamie at the very start of the pandemic and have been blown away by her ever since. She’s an extraordinary moccasin maker from the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation and is truly one of the coolest women I’ve had a chance to connect with. She comes from a long lineage of talented artists and has been beading, weaving, and sewing from a very young age. I mean, just look at her work.  


Redonk, right? What you’re actually looking at are the very special moccasins she made for me. I am serious when I tell you they are a work of art; I look at them and smell them (the scent of the home-tanned hide is unreal) every day in awe. Shortly after receiving these, I bought a pair of her pucker toe moccasins to kick around while in the house and they are legit my favorite things to slip on every morning. Both pairs are incredibly comfortable and get even more so with wear.


I truly treasure them with all my heart because I can feel the love that’s been poured into them. The intense hours of artisanship, knowledge, sourcing, and talent that go into every custom, handmade order is palpable. And like many small business owners, Jamie is a one woman show – she’s doing all the things on her own so if you’re looking for fast fashion this ain’t it. Again, I remind you she is making f-cking art so that means you’re gonna pay for it and you’re gonna wait for it (6-8 weeks for delivery), which is something I think we need to normalize, especially when it comes to Indigenous craftsmanship.   

Head on over to her Instagram and scroll through all her saved stories which will give you all the intel you need - everything from appropriation to her beadwork to how to make sure you’re getting the right size. I hope you go and support her and at the very least, give her a follow. 

Tobacco moccasins with fur trim and a crepe rubber sole