It’s that time of the year where my skin literally wants to run away from itself, it’s a dry, gross mess. Now I’m sure a lot of you probably have your favorite body moisturizers, but on the off chance you don’t, allow me to introduce you to a spankin’ new product: Naked Body Balm.


Ooofff this stuff is good. This deeply hydrating formula is filled to brim with goodness. I’m talking organic cacao butter from Ecuador, fair-trade shea butter, organic sunflower seed oil, organic Canadian hemp seed oil, organic local beeswax and non-GMO vitamin E, so you better believe this nutrient-packed dream does your body good. 

At first I was a little scared because the balm is super rich looking, to the point where you think you’ll be a grease slick but hot damn, the way this balm melts into the skin is pretty incredible. Not to mention it leaves your skin with a beautiful glow. I lathered this stuff on my ass the other day and just looked at it for a few hot beats in admiration. But of course it’s great for any of those dry areas that don’t get love – your hands, heels, you can even apply to your lips and collarbone for some highlight reflection. I know it's not the cheapest moisturizer on the market but you're paying for quality and the jar is actually quite large. And a little goes a long way - take a quarter size of the product, warm it up in your hands and have at it!  

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