Thank you so much for all the feedback from my Dr Martens post last month - whether you eat meat or not I appreciate the open mind. So simmer on that while I talk winter coats. A lot of you guys emailed asking me what I’m wearing in the winter if I’m not wearing down or fur. GREAT question. Because boy oh boy have I struggled, but I’ve finally found an AMAZING brand that is doing animal-friendly outerwear like nobody’s business. I give you NOIZE.


Fine, not my favorite name for a brand, but who the hell cares when they are churning out this level of dope-ass outerwear. The “fur” trim is such high quality that you could never tell real from fake and where the brand really excels is its fit. Just looks at some of these styles!



I should also note that there winter parkas are certified for up to -30. I mean, they’re a Montreal brand so you better believe they understand what cold is all about. And I can vouch for the coziness factor – my puffer keeps me so damn warm that I’m no longer terrified to walk out the door into arctic air.     
But wait, wait, wait! It doesn’t stop there because the brand also does some incredible faux leather bombers. They are buttery soft, wear-in wonderfully, and look amazing on.



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