I, like many of you, have been super careful about spending money these last few months. However when I have bought something, I’ve been making a conscious decision on who, what, and where. And I’m so excited because I’ve been saving up for my next purchase which is a piece from jewelry brand, Omi Woods.

The line is drop dead gorgeous! It’s actually been so hard to pick what I want; I’ve changed my mind a thousand times because this collection is THAT good. From signets, bracelets and everything in between, the collection is stacked with modern day heirlooms that all feel so special.  

You can really feel the intent behind each piece and that’s all thanks to the vision of the brand’s founder, Ashley Alexis McFarlane. The entire collection, which is handcrafted using conflict-free and fair trade African metals, is rooted in McFarlane’s Jamaican-Ashanti-Maroon heritage. Her goal is to not only celebrate her connection to Africa but also give that love life as it moves through future generations.  

And there’s even more to love! Every year Ashley donates a portion of her sales to a local or global cause and this time around it’s going to 8 Billion Trees, a social enterprise that protects trees and animals around the world as well as replanting trees in deforested areas.  

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