As a “Sasha” growing up I got jack sh-t with my name on it. No mugs, no toothbrush, nada. But alas, finally in my 40s, the day has come by way of a spanking new collaboration between Ela handbags and influencer and activist Sasha Exeter.

ela x Sasha Exeter Belt Bag promo shot

Sure, I might not be the Sasha sewn into the label, but I’m not above a sloppy second so I’ll take this on with pride. Okay, but enough about me let’s talk about this belt-bag because if you haven’t already stopped reading this to head to the link to buy it then …what are you waiting for?!!!!!  

Sasha Exeter and the ela x Sasha Exeter Belt Bag

You back? Okay, so you saw the bad news, right? It’s sold out. But no need to worry because there is gonna be a hefty restock on Monday November 2nd at 10am EST and it will also be up for grabs on  


Now that we are all less stressed let’s talk more about this collab. I’ve hyped Ela here before because when it comes to high quality vegan leather handbags – they are leading the game. Come on, if you were looking at this bag would you ever not think it was leather? I can tell you first-hand that the touch, feel, quality, and level of detail is 100.  

It’s not only hella versatile, but it will be the bag you reach for every time you’re headed out the door. But above all, I think what Sasha brought to this collaboration is the most special part because they made it their goal to support the talent of the BIPOC community and reflect it in the creative collaboration process. That’s why if/when you buy it you’ll notice the beautiful packaging, which is all thanks to the talented hands and mind of Élana Camille @elanacamillecreates who placed her fine lines into the artwork for the tissue paper and Rachel Joanis @racheljoanis who added her loving touch to the illustration for the thank you card.

Thank You card


Tissue paper

(Note: Sasha Finds articles are NOT paid endorsements. Paid endorsements on are always clearly marked. These are straight up Sasha obsessions.)