We all know the beauty mecca is Korea. In fact, Asia in general is so far advanced that even when we think we are caught up on the latest we are still behind. That’s why Lainey and I have a post-pandemic pact to make a trip out there together so we can shop, eat, and come back with new faces. Until then though I need to loop you all in to LAPCOS – a fast paced beauty brand hailing from South Korea that has developed and created some seriously stand out beauty essentials.


They’ve got everything from amazing sheet masks to sleeping creams but what I gotta hype is their brand new shampoo, Dr. 14. I’ve never written about shampoo on this site, so the fact that I am right now should really tell you all you need to know.   

This bottle is seriously the Mack Daddy of shampoos. Want thicker, fuller, glossier hair? Check. Check. Check. Packed with 14 high performing active ingredients this shampoo delivers on all fronts. I’ve only been using it a short amount of time and not only does my scalp feel so damn good, but my locks have life and lustre again.  I’m telling you:  It. Is. the. Sh-t. 

And one more thing I love is that you don’t need a lot of product. So for all you fellow frugals out there – I see you, I got you. I have a decent amount of hair and one small pump is enough to get some serious lather going on and while the brand says you don’t need to condition after, I still do, but I need far less than usual. So while this bottle of shampoo isn't bargain basement cheap, it really is worth the extra dollars when you factor in the efficacy and product longevity.  

Ps: Look out for promo codes - they are out there!!! 

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