Guess what we are doing again this week? Yup. I’m doing another brand revisit and this time it’s all about Left on Friday. If you’re in the market for a staple swimsuit that plays hard and keeps you poolside pretty then you gotta cop yourself one of these. I have multiple styles in various colors and I can’t tell you how much I adore them.  


The buttery soft fabric is like nothing else out there - it’s smoothing, has compression and the coverage is bar none. You can surf your ass off, get pummeled by whitewash and still come back with all your lady bits in place. I’m telling you, this is some premium level luxe sh-t.


But this is actually not the point of this post because I really just want to talk about their Sports and Rec sweatshirt which is quite possibly the best sweatshirt I own. And once again, it all comes down to the fabric and quality. Made from super-soft cotton fleece this sweatshirt is not only naturally breathable and odor resistant but it’s also pill resistant and preshrunk. But f-ck functionality, look at all the colors!!! From mojito mint green to aperol orange to my favorite, tan lines brown there is so much fun to be had. I love how all the colors complement all the colors of their swimsuits but even if you don’t have one of their suits, you can throw this over anything. I’ve been wearing mine around the house non-stop. It hits all points: a sturdy crew neckline, perfectly puff slouched ¾ sleeves and the ideal oversized fit so you can get your tuck on.  

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