Welcome back to day 1228879200265 of being indoors and welcome back to what has now become my weekly loungewear column. A reminder that I'll be continuing this column in the hopes that if you are in the privileged position of having a job right now you'll want to help support some women-led small businesses. There will be varying price points from week to week so check in and see what fits your budget.  

So am I the only one who is crawling into bed at night wearing the same outfit I put on that morning? This new lifestyle is all about stretching and using what you have so why waste a perfectly clean outfit, right? Don't shame me. Anyway, my new outfit of choice is from Canadian brand, TKEES. They just launched their new waffle loungewear collection and it screams comfort. I mean, just look at this onesie!!!  


Four colorways. A drop crotch. Slouched shoulder. Are you kidding me? This is lux laziness at its finest. But fineeeee, if that is "too comfortable" then no sweat, they've got matching separates with the same effortless feel that will fit easily into your home rotation.  


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