Scarlett Johansson went out for dinner with Bobby Flay the other day.

Bobby Flay is a chef. I don’t know how his brand of chef is different from Guy Fieri or Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver because I don’t watch celebrity chef shows but I do know that he’s a drama cook. All kinds of drama when he got divorced a couple of years ago. His ex-wife Stephanie March accused him of cheating on her. Then they slapped at each other in court over meaningless sh-t, like videos of flank steak. Seriously.

Since last year, Bobby has been dating actress Helene Yorke.

So…what’s up with him and Scarjo? Her rep insists that they’re just friends:

“Simply put, they are friends as well as neighbors [in the Hamptons].”

Wait, no. The rep didn’t use the word “just”. They are friends. Not “just” friends. Sandra Bullock taught us that lesson a long time ago.

But, sure, maybe let’s go with just friends. If they really are “just” friends, I feel like that would be her decision, not his. Because COME ON. I have a hard time believing Bobby Flay wouldn’t want to be more than friends with Scarlett Johansson. Is ScarJo josting Bobby Flay too?

Josting is an expression I am trying to fetch, inspired by Colin Jost who, for the last 6 months, has been occupying the upside down space between boyfriend and sidepiece in ScarJo’s life. People keep trying to convince me that they’re dating for real. And she keeps stepping out with her lawyer-part-time-lover Kevin Yorn and now Bobby Flay. Colin Jost is waiting by the phone. He is being josted. Are they all being josted? Why can’t Jennifer Lopez learn how to jost?