Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost are reportedly expecting their first child. The ScarJost baby is apparently due soon which would explain why she wasn’t in person at several Black Widow events. I did the junket for ETALK and it was over Zoom, the interviews are airing this week, and I didn’t notice but it’s hard to tell much of anything on Zoom, at least I find it hard. (Dlisted) 


Both Cannes and Paris Haute Couture week happening at the same time means that there are a lot of celebrities in France right now, though not the one I’ve been hoping to see: Celine Dion! Here are some looks from some of the shows, including Diane Kruger, not a stranger to these proceedings, and also Maria Bakalova, who is a novice here – and I’m happy for her that after Borat and an Oscar nomination, she’s in the front row. Also Daisy Edgar Jones from Normal People who is in Chanel and I love that she didn’t bother to fuss with her hair. It looks good unstyled like this. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Big game tonight: England vs Denmark in the Euro semi-final for the right to play Azzurri. And it’s happening at Wembley so that’s pretty much the preoccupation over in the UK right now. Prince William will attend the match but not Kate who is in isolation. I’m not sure all that many people are paying attention to royal drama right now though because, again, their football team is the king and queen at the moment. (Cele|bitchy) 


If you watched the Friends reunion, you would have heard David Schwimmer talking about how he wasn’t all that enamoured with the monkey. Now the monkey – via his trainer – is telling his side of the story… which is still a showbiz story: there are egos involved. (OMG Blog) 

I don’t really drink anything that requires a straw but now that I know some places are serving straw-drinks with pasta straws I just might order one. (NY Mag) 

One last thing – because I saw it trending on Twitter and then blew up my group chat with it: The Horny Test. It’s the kind of stupidly silly thing that is irresistible, at least in my circle, where everyone thinks they’re horny but the test doesn’t agree. This obviously isn’t science but for those of us, coincidentally with “L” names, who are being told that we scored low percentages on the horny test, it becomes a conversation about who comes through, no matter what, on the horny scale. In our case, the usual suspects.