Scarlett Johansson received the Generation Award at the MTV Movie and TV Awards last night. She was not in attendance which means while things are definitely getting back to normal, whatever that means, we’re not quite there yet. And also, Scarjo is based in New York and she obviously wasn’t down to fly to LA to attend this event. 


Still, even though she accepted her award on camera, she still found a way to make the moment noteworthy, as in good TV. Which I’m sure went a long way with the producers. If you haven’t seen this clip already, here it is… and it’s pretty good: 


What I like most isn’t the actual sliming but her reaction – she really sold it, especially when he brings her the towel and she’s like, “Let me geh-eh-t it, uh”. You know what reminded me of? Lola! From Big Mouth. Lola ends most of what she says with an “uh”. Check it out, a refresher for those of you who watch the show and a teaser for those of you who don’t. The “uh” comes up in the first five seconds. Jacek and I often go several minutes talking to each other like Lola. She’s the BEST, I love her so much…uh.



Anyway, Colin Jost slimed Scarjo just as she was gearing up to talk about Black Widow, which is finally coming out in theatres and on Disney Plus (with premier access) on July 9 which is likely where I’ll be watching it because I’m not sure theatres will be open where I live since that’s only six weeks away and we are still in lockdown in Ontario until at least the first week of June. During a low point a few weeks ago, I actually watched all the MCU movies back to back over the course of a few days. I am ready for this – and I’m ready to see how hard they go on promo for it. Looks like the push is just beginning and for Scarjo, being that Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow is an OG6 Avenger, and this is her final run as the character, in non-pandemic times this would have been a proper tour. Scarlett does not have any public social media accounts so Marvel may not be able to count on that for digital marketing impressions. Curious then to see how all of that will be managed.